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If you have ever laid awake at night listening to a drippy faucet, you know how very annoying it can be. Another very annoying thing to experience is a leaking or running toilet. A running toilet can sometimes be fixed with just a simple jiggle of the handle. But in most cases, there will need to be other components replaced to help stop the running toilet. Regardless of what needs to be done, a running toilet needs to be fixed before any further damage occurs. We will look at some of the causes of a running toilet as well as the damage that could happen. We will also look at what will need to be done to cure the running toilet problem. If you’re in the Bellevue or Kirkland area, don’t wait any longer. Call Rudy’s Plumbing at 425-643-6900 and we will solve your running toilet issues.

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You can tell when you have a running toilet by listening to the water running. In a running toilet, the water continues to circulate from the upper water tank down through the lower bowl. When a toilet runs continuously fresh water is always running into the upper tank from your supply lines. When this occurs the water tank will never fill up and cut off. This will your raise water consumption. If you happen to be on a water service this could drive up your water bill up. You may live in a rural area where you will be using a water pump for your water supply. A running toilet could keep your pump running longer than it should causing extra wear on the pump as well as driving up power consumption.

There are several different things that could cause a running toilet. One of the most common causes of a running toilet is a leaking flapper that is located in the upper water tank. When the handle is pulled, it will lift the flapper allowing for water to enter the lower bowl and escaping out of the bowl. As the water fills up in the upper tank, the flap will fall and seal the opening between the upper tank and the lower bowl. If the flapper does not seal properly, water will continue to run through the lower bowl. 

Another common occurrence in a running toilet is a leaking float. The float will fill up with water and become heavy. This will not allow the float to do what it is designed to do. After the toilet is flushed, the float will fall to the bottom of the upper tank allowing for the fresh water valve to turn on and fill the upper tank. As the tanks fills, the float will float with the water level. When the float reaches a certain point the water supply valve will shut off. If the float is full it will stay on the bottom of the tank allowing for the water to continue to run in the upper tank.

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