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If you are a homeowner or looking to buy a new home, you may have already realized how important a house’s plumbing is. It is important to do checkups on the plumbing before you buy a home or do regular checkups where you are living. It is common for a home to need basic maintenance from time to time. Those fixtures and water lines need to be maintained to avoid issues that could cost a lot in the end.  

We are knowledgeable and fully equipped about all matters plumbing, sewer issues, and leakage. We can handle water issues within your home or commercial premises and tackle them to satisfaction. By getting in touch with us, we can answer some of the common questions people ask regarding plumbing. We can also get to your location, diagnose any issues you may have, and offer a solution. 

Water issues
Anyone who has ever experienced leak issues or major water line issues within a place they have lived in for many years already knows that large fixes and repairs can cost a lot of money. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the home is up to code and you are aware of all the common issues that could arise.

We are aware of all the plumbing codes in Kenmore, WA. We can therefore ensure that your home follows them to book. Even though the codes are technical, we understand them very well, and they are informative.

One of the industries that have really grown over the years is real estate. People are quickly investing and buying new homes. As such, people need to find out more about maintenance costs and keeping the home safe. That is why you need to contact us even before you enter the new home in Kenmore. Let us first take a look at the plumbing for you and identify any faulty areas. If you are building, we can walk the journey with you and ensure that things are done in accordance with the law and the requirements in place.

Home inspections

There are some things that you should never ignore, and one of them is home inspections. If you are moving into an older home or one used before, it does not hurt to get us, the experts, to take a look around and do a thorough inspection even before you purchase the property. Some people ignore the inspection to save some money, but they don’t know about fixture or water line repairs. This means even if something is wrong, they cannot tell.

We help the homeowners, and new homeowners understand so many things about installation and their costs. Since we can also do video pipe inspections, you will enter that home with great confidence since you are assured that everything is working perfectly. Usually, a leak somewhere could indicate a problem, such as a blockage somewhere else. Fixing the leak without fixing the root cause is only incubating a disaster.

We offer you the greatest solutions for all your water, heating, and plumbing needs. Rudy’s plumbing has the best technicians that are not only licensed but also bonded and insured. Call us today for fast assistance.