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Premium quality sanitary ware fitted across a bathroom or toilet is not a guarantee against plumbing disasters. Regular usage can cause fittings and fixtures to wear out. Pipes leak and drains get clogged.

Is a clogged drain causing repeated flooding in your toilet? Do you have a leaky faucet that sprays you with water every time you use it?

To add, a plumbing problem might seem like something you can tackle yourself, but there is a likelihood of DIYs making it worse, more expensive and time-consuming.

Get professional and timely help for all your plumbing issues by booking with Rudy’s Plumbing. As a full-service plumbing company, we can assist with all kinds of plumbing problems be it clogs, repairs or replacements. All you need to do is give us a call.

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Some Of Our Plumbing Services In Mercer Island


Water Heater Repair and Installation

A water-heater installation adds great convenience. You can enjoy the luxury of on-demand hot water for bathing or cleaning purposes.

However, like most other heating equipment, there is every possibility of a breakdown with regular use. It is easy to spot the signs – leakages, inefficient heating, reduced water output, standing water,  knocking sounds and constant running. Poor performance could be the result of residue build up, or worn out parts.

Regular maintenance from Rudy’s Plumbing can extend the life of your water heater. This includes annual flushing, complete inspection and parts replacement. Besides, if your current water heater is costing you more, by way of energy bills and repairs, it could be time to get a new water heater.


Toilet and Drain Clogs

Frustrated with a poorly functioning toilet? Rudy’s Plumbing has just the team of expert plumbers and equipment you need to fix any toilet plumbing problems.

There are several reasons you may need to call in a professional plumber to check your toilet. A clogged toilet that’s causing severe and repeated backups. A worn out flapper valve that is adding figures to your water bill thanks to constant flushing and tank filling. Worn out washers or broken tanks resulting in water pools on your bathroom floor.  Not to leave out lower water pressure and bad odor.

While these might not be classed as “emergencies” they can quickly turn into one. And as an essential, a malfunctioning toilet can be a great inconvenience. We have you covered for toilet repairs, a new installation or an upgrade. We have experience installing all kinds of toilets. We can also recommend a value upgrade whether you are looking for dual flushing, pressure-assisted flushing or elongated bowls.


Drain and Sewer Cleaning

The drainage system is one of the most important links in your home’s plumbing framework. It is responsible for removing wastewater from your home, further transporting it to a common sewer.

In high activity areas such as the kitchen or bathroom, drains take a good beating. Washed off food residues, soap, scum and grease, and hair can cause blockages resulting in a backed-up or slow-running drain. Blocked drains are a stinky problem. Leakages make the area prone to mold growth; they also harbor disease-causing bacteria.

Chemical drain cleaners are the go-to solution for clogged drains, but larger blocks require a professional plumber to take a look at it. Rudy’s Plumbing is a top choice for drain and sewer cleaning in Mercer Island City. We make use of advanced drain inspection equipment to diagnose deep-seated clogs. This enables us to clear out blockages without causing structural damage.

We service all types of drains – bathrooms, kitchens, sinks, toilets, and showers. Our drain cleaning services provide long-term relief at a reasonable price. Drain maintenance services at Rudy’s Plumbing will keep your drains clear and well-flowing.


Piping and Repiping

Your plumbing system is only as good as the pipes are. Exposed to natural elements and being in contact with water, pipes get damaged. They rust and crack and could even burst with high pressure water. Damaged seals cause water to leak from pipes. Recurrent blockages put pressure on the plumbing system. Ironically, the chemical cleaners used to break down clogs further speed up corrosion.

We carry out a thorough inspection of the piping system in your home and may recommend repairs or repiping if needed. Rudy’s Plumbing makes use of high-quality, durable pipes. Building a new home? Our skilled plumbers can work along with you to design an efficient plumbing system for your home.


Sinks and Faucets

Rudy’s Plumbing prides itself on providing quality sink and faucet repair and installation services.

There’s so much you use a sink for – to cook, clean and wash. However, sinks are not only about functionality, but good looks too.  With time and use, an older sink might get discolored, chipped or could even crack. They mare the look of an otherwise flawless bathroom. We can complete sink repairs for you or help swap an older one for a sleek model. Choose from a range of materials, mounting styles and unit designs and we will have it installed for you.

At Rudy’s Plumbing, we also provide faucet repair and installation services. We can help match your faucets and fixtures with your skin. Leaky faucets are wasteful and expensive (watch your water bill!). Leakages are caused due to broken, loose or worn out components. We can fix it for you. We handle faucet repair and installation across areas – bathrooms, kitchens, bathtubs, laundry rooms and in showers.


Plumbing Rough-Ins

Building a custom house often requires working with a range of experts to handle different aspects of construction. A plumbing rough-in expert is one of them and plays a crucial role. The chief responsibility is to plan and install the piping across the house before the walls are raised and plastered. Other fixtures such as sinks, drains, showers and tubs are fitted later.

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Our rough-in experts are highly experienced and have worked on multiple remodeling projects. Depending on the construction materials, they ensure the holes are drilled at the correct places. Improperly placed holes and piping not only affect the efficiency of the plumbing system but also render the structure unreliable, demanding reinforcements. They may also need to be reworked. Plumbers at Rudy’s install as well as test the reliability of the rough-ins before progressing.

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