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At Rudy’s Plumbing, we check plumbing issues before they have a chance to escalate. We are a team of locally-operating, licensed plumbers in Bellevue city trained to tackle a range of problems. Book with us to secure unparalleled plumbing services in Bellevue.

Is a clogged drain causing repeated flooding in your toilet? Do you have a leaky faucet that sprays you with water every time you use it?

Plumbing issues, no matter how minor, can become a real headache if left unattended. DIY may seem like a cheaper option, but a simple overtightening of a pipe here or threading the tape wrong there, could leave you with a bigger problem than you started.

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Whether residential or a commercial establishment, the plumbing across the space should be in top condition. The network of pipes provides an interrupted supply of water to your home. It is responsible for carrying the wastes away from your home and disposing them off safely. Plumbing also involves the maintenance of heating and washing appliances fitted across your home.

Leakages and blocks impact how the plumbing system works in your home. A blocked pipe can cause the dirt to backfire. Leaky faucets could have you stepping in puddles of water. Not only this, excess moisture in your home can cause structural damage in the form of mold and mildew growth and unsightly wet stains on walls. We cannot miss a mention of the health risks manifesting as serious respiratory infections.

Rudy’s Plumbing Bellevue city has you covered for blocks, clogs, repairs, installations and much more.

Some Of Our Plumbing Services In Bellevue


Toilet Repair and Installation

Experts at Rudy’s Plumbing can assist toilet repairs such as clearing out clogs or sealing leaks. We also replace old and worn out parts wherever needed.

Want to upgrade to a modern high-efficiency toilet? Newer toilet models stand-out with their ergonomic designs. They are known to use less water per flush making them highly efficient.

Plumbers at Rudy’s can work with you during a bathroom refurbishment project to install a new toilet you have purchased. We can also help you pick a model that best suits your decor and needs.


Water Heater Repair/Maintenance

Water heaters afford great comfort during the winter months.

It is only natural for them to wear out with repeated use. This includes calcium deposits from the use of hard water. These large, solid deposits block the heater overtime and can be difficult to flush out.

We undertake annual flushing of a water heater to prevent calcium build ups and deposits. Water heaters with signs of rusting must be replaced. Our maintenance routines also involve inspecting the state of the safety valves on your water heater.

By opting for Rudy Plumbing’s water heater repair services you can prolong the life of your water heater as well as raise its efficiency.


Drain and Sewer Clearing

Is the concoction of baking soda or dish detergent and warm water not doing its trick for a clogged drain? Tired of having to use a plunger?

A clogged drain is a common plumbing issue. It causes the sink or toilet to back up or the water to drain real slow. A drain could get choked due to the accumulation of food, soap, grease or a foreign object.

Our drain clearing specialists will assess the blockage and recommend a quick and effective solution for clogged drains and sewers. We try to avoid using corrosive chemical cleaners as they cause more damage to your plumbing system.

We employ an expansive range of drain clearing techniques such as hydro-jetting, snaking and the use of augers to break down blockages. Regular drain and sewer maintenance services also prevent clogs from reoccurring.


Plumbing Rough-Ins

When building a new home, you want to get the basic framework right.

Plumbing rough-in involves planning the installation of water supply pipes and drains across your property. Laying of drain pipes and water supply lines is usually completed during construction or before a concrete slab is poured. It is the stage before the faucets, sinks, shower, bathtubs and other fixtures are fitted.

It is important to get the rough-in plumbing installation right. It determines how well your plumbing system will function.

For new home constructions or existing bathroom refurbishments, you can trust Rudy’s Plumbing to do a reliable job. Choose a professional plumber for rough-in installations and save yourself from disastrous leaks.


Pipe Installation and Repair

We are your local expert solution for all kinds of piping and repiping needs. 

We can help you irrespective of the scale of the project. Whether you are looking to replace a single faucet or have the entire plumbing system changed, we can get it done for you. We install faucets, sinks, toilets, bathtubs and bidets. We showcase products from different brands so that you can choose what best suits your budget.

Our repair services cover leaky faucets, water tanks, bathtubs and shower heads. We repair old, corroded and disintegrating pipes and sewers.

Installations at Rudy’s plumbing are built to last. What does that mean? You wouldn’t have to look at them for a few years.

Not only this, we understand that every system is bound to have issues over time. We can perform a thorough system check up and diagnose serious issues if any. We suggest practical and long-term solutions for piping issues that may show up during an inspection.

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Backed by a team of trained and skilled plumbers with years of on-field experience under their belts, Rudy’s Plumbing aims to provide 100% customer satisfaction. We specialize in providing residential and commercial plumbing services Bellevue City. 

You can count on us for a range of installation and repair services. You can also book with us for routine maintenance services. We are a fully-licensed and insured service provider. At Rudy’s, you can expect prompt and reliable services at extremely competitive rates.

So, what are you waiting for? Call today and we’ll take it from there.

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