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It is hard to run your home without hot water when it is cold. With the best water heaters, things become easier to accomplish around the home. It is hard to imagine how life would be without the convenience of water heaters in our homes. It is a good thing that we live where there are different water heater options to choose from.

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We understand how important water heaters are and how a breakdown can affect the home. At Rudy’s, we are the best at installation, repair, and maintenance of all sorts of water heater systems. We bring sanity back into your home by offering our professional services. Water heaters are the best thing because you get hot water on demand. This means you can handle washing garments, dishes, and even showering without having to wait. It is the most convenient way of getting hot water any time, day, or night. Call us anytime, even in emergencies, and we will be there to help.

Having a proper water heater system installed is one of the best things you can do for your home. Tankless water heaters are very popular today because they offer instant hot water on demand. They are flexible and can be placed at any point in your home.

Hot Water Heaters

Water heaters can be gas-fueled or electric. The latter is the most common option. In both cases, there is a small storage tank used for storage purposes, and it is usually stainless steel made but with insulation. The insulation makes heat loss minimal. The heat source is the only difference between gas and electric heaters. 

Electric heater issues where no or very little hear is produced often occur because of the heating element’s failure. This is quite easy to replace. However, the issue could be caused by bad settings, high water pressure, or poor tank maintenance. To get things done right, you need professional plumbers. At Rudy’s, we diagnose the issue before we start repairs. 

Commercial and residential water heaters have limited warranties. We understand how that works and can help you check the serial number and the model. The numbers offer details about the tank and can help us find out whether they have a warranty or not. You may get parts or even a new rank free or at a discount. 

Safety is important, and that’s why you need to let us do the work for you. Water heaters usually have a high voltage and can be very dangerous. This is to say you should never try anything without the bright kind of experience and licensing. Also, note that every problem has its way of being resolved. 

Tankless Water Heaters

A warm bath is always so relaxing. Getting a tankless A warm bath is always so relaxing. Getting a tankless water heater can make a big difference, and you wouldn’t have to deal with the high bills. These appliances provide hot water when it is needed. If you want to make an upgrade, want a new tankless water heater installed, or need repairs on your already existing system, contact Rudy’s plumbing. 

Compared to the traditional water heaters, the tankless option is different. You don’t have to store hot water at all. This option will heat water only when it is needed. The water heater is convenient and does not take up much space. When a hot water tap is turned on, the water heater heats up the water instantly. 

The fact that water is heated only when needed means less energy is consumed. Tankless water heaters never really waste power which is a sustainable and eco-friendly way. 

The main disadvantage of this option is that the installation cost is a bit high compared to other options. However, it is the best option to pick in the long run. At Rudy’s, we always go for the quality. 

One thing to note is that when you get yourself a high-quality tankless water heater, it can serve for years. Regular maintenance and timely repairs must be done for this to be possible. That is why you need to contact us immediately as soon as an issue arises to avert an even bigger issue.

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Traditional Water Heaters

There are so many choices that you can pick for the traditional water heaters. This is a mechanism used to heat the water used in all parts of the home. The traditional options come with pros and cons, and selecting the right one can be difficult. We can assist you in this area. We know all the good systems and can help install, repair, and maintain most traditional water heaters. 

These types of heaters usually operate constantly, keeping the water at a specific temperature. Traditional water heaters can be electric or fuel-powered. In many fuel heaters, propane or natural gas is used. However, there are oil heaters as well.

The water reaches the heaters from the main water supply. On reaching the heater, the furnace or heating element heats water, and it rises through the hot water pipe connected to the tank. 

Traditional water heaters are cheaper to install compared to the tankless option. However, in the long run, you may find tankless heaters a better and cheaper option in comparison. Contact Rudy’s for help with installation, maintenance, and repair of the traditional water heaters. We can also replace your old system with a new one if you want to make changes. 

Water Heater Repairs and Installation

Rudy’s plumbing has been in the business for a long time now, and we can send qualified and certified technicians to your home regardless of how big or small your issues are. We are determined to make a correct diagnosis of the issue at hand, offer maintenance, and ensure that whichever water heater system you have in place is up and running as it should. We handle all the tasks professionally. We make sure that all things are connected and working as they should. 

The best thing about letting us handle your water heater is the assessment we first carry out in your home. We take time to understand how much the household really needs hot water. This is the only way we can give you valuable advice regarding the kind of water heater you should have in place. 

By allowing us to take care of your water heaters, you should expect:

  • Increased Efficiency: We advise you on the best water heater for your home to ensure that less energy is consumed
  • Reduced Space: If you choose the modern water heaters, it means you won’t have to sacrifice too much space for the same because they are compact. Tankless water heaters save a lot of space and can be mounted on your wall.
  • Water Replenishment: Older water heaters often lose their efficiency over time, and you may often have to contend with cold water. Because some of them have a tank, water is stored for longer periods affecting quality. 

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At Rudy’s plumbing, we help you with all sorts of water heater repairs, including leak repairs. When a leak is not handled in time, it can be a looming disaster. Mold and damage are a few of the issues you may have to face in such a case. 

We also maintain your water heaters to boost efficiency and performance. Maintenance cannot be overlooked if you want your water heater to last a long time. If you have water heater issues, allow us, the professionals, to handle them for you. 

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