Bathroom Plumbing Services

A bathroom makeover goes beyond choosing color-coordinated sanitary ware. After all, you not only want a bathroom that grabs eyeballs, but is also functional with all the fixtures correctly installed.

This is why you may want to skip the do-it-yourself approach. Choose instead to work alongside a professional and licensed plumber to complete the renovations on your bathroom. We have the experience and the tools to get the job done efficiently, safely and in a time-bound fashion.

If you’ve been thinking of remodeling an old bathroom, it’s likely you’ve already started shopping around. You are in right place!

A full-range of services has you covered for different kinds of tasks whether its drain clogs, new installations or repair work. Here are some bathroom plumbing services offered at Rudy’s Plumbing Inc.

Some Of Our Bathroom Plumbing Services


Toilet Installation and Repair

Plumbing problems such as leaky bowls, blocked toilets and clogged drains can prove a messy affair if not rectified on time. We fix problems such as sluggish flush tanks, toilet clogs, leaks, water level drops, whistling flush, automatic tank refilling and a wobbly toilet. Our toilet repair experts decide the line of action after a careful assessment of the problem. We can help replace an old, damaged toilet or help you get a suitable upgrade too.


Sink Repair and Replacement

Given the stresses of everyday use, your bathroom sink is bound to show signs of wear and tear – a crack here, a chip there or worse still, a few ugly stains. Sink clogs are yet another issue.

Our bathroom plumbing services include quality sink repair and installation services. Most sink problems can be repaired without needing a replacement. We check and fix problems associated with sink faucets, fixtures and drains. If your sink is heavily cracked or corroded, our experts at Rudy’s Plumbing will help you get a worthy replacement.


Drain Cleaning and Unblocking

A plunger is the go to option for clogged drains. But recurrent sink drain clogs may call for a more permanent solution. A bathroom or toilet drain clock is definitely not something you can do yourself.

What’s causing your bathroom drain to get clogged? So much hair gets washed down the drain daily. The grease and fatty chemicals in soap build up overtime and form clumps. Not to mention, your toddler’s bath toys which may accidentally find their way down the drain. In the toilet, sanitary napkins and paper towels flushed down the drain could be the obvious culprit.

Waste water backing up into your home is stinky and unhealthy. Our professional drain cleaning services include cleaning and clearing the drain of accumulated debris allowing the water to flow unobstructed. Unblocking also ensures that the flushes work effectively to remove waste materials. Hydro-jetters are able to break up the deepest and most challenging drain choke ups. A regular maintenance follow up further guarantees no more bathroom drain clogs.


Shower Repair and Installation

There is nothing more relaxing than a hot shower at the end of a hard tiring day. A broken shower head can keep you from enjoying one.

 A higher water pressure shortens the life of the shower components; they cause the washers and gaskets to wear out faster. Leaks in a shower head, faucet or tub spurt water all over the place. The constant dampness increases the risk of mold growth and structural decay. Not only this, if your shower is connected to your water heater, it will drive up your energy bills while also wasting a huge amount of water.

Call Rudy’s Plumbing to get a leaky shower fixed in no time. You can also talk to our experts on a shower upgrade; we can advise on the best selection whether it is the traditional flat head or a high-end jacuzzi-style or whirlpool models.

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Faucet Repair and Installation

A dripping faucet is often the least of our worries until the day it turns into a plumbing emergency. Unknown to many, a leaky faucet can cause serious flooding in your home. We also cannot ignore the gallons of wasted water, an exorbitant energy bill and further damage to the plumbing system.

Of all the plumbing fixtures fitted in a bathroom, a faucet sees the most activity. The continuous on/off movement causes the washers to wear out impacting the efficiency of the unit. 

Don’t let a leaky faucet become an expensive project for you. Rudy’s Plumbing can repair or replace a leaky/ malfunctioning faucet promptly. This includes changing washers or reinforcing the seals and rings on the outside. We also provide new faucet installation services. You can purchase a unit you want or rely on us to get you a model from a brand of your choice.


Urinal Installation

Catering to commercial establishments, Rudy’s Plumbing offers urinal installation services for corporate offices, entertainment venues, bars and restaurants.

We also believe that urinals are not limited to public men’s washrooms but can be fitted at home too. They are built to withstand heavy use, are space saving and hygienic. Our team of plumbers can help pick a urinal design and style that is adapted to home use; one that blends well with a residential bathroom decor. Rudy Plumbing’s urinal installation also includes an after-sales service to assist with issues such as urinal overflows, leaks and poor flushing.


Leak Detection and Repair

A water pipe burst is not the only plumbing emergency. A thin trickle could do as much damage. If you’ve noticed water on the floor and cannot trace the source, it is time to call in the professionals. Leaks are both destructive and costly. Decreased water pressure, high energy bills, water stains, a musty moldy smell, rusted pipes are all tell-tale signs.

We offer a complete solution inclusive of leak detection and repair. Our experts come in to examine the leak. We determine if the leak is superficial or the cause of an underlying issue and execute a solution accordingly. Solutions include simply plugging a leak or repiping if needed. When it comes to leak repair and detection, Rudy’s Plumbing promises 100% customer satisfaction.

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