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Bellevue is a wonderful city with greenery all around. Our unique beauty of mountains, hills, waterways, and buildings makes Bellevue a perfect place to live for those who love natural beauty. We hope you can enjoy this beauty and not worry about the day to day things which should be working such as your plumbing.
When plumbing issues arise you don’t need to worry about the clogged drain or the backed up sewers. You just need to know the right plumber to call in the Bellevue, Kirkland or Redmond areas. We’re your experienced and local plumbing company who can help you when you need it most. Roto-Rooting is not something to be taken lightly. You’ll need to know you have a highly trained professional who is experienced in water heaters, main water lines, and all other types of water services. We can handle the simple issues such as running toilets to the most complex issues like full pipe leaks and replacements. Whatever the plumbing emergency is we’re ready to answer the call!

Our Bellevue Plumbing Services will save you valuable time and money

Make sure you don’t put off the much-needed plumbing repair or maintenance issue. Left unmanaged you could have an even bigger problem on your hands. A small leaky pipe can sometimes turn into a full blown problem is left untreated. We conveniently offer all types of cards and plans to better assist you pay for your plumbing emergency. We have options which are more earth friendly as well. Just ask our consultant. We have an array of parts and products for you to choose from as well. We want to help you and our beautiful environment.

Let us work around your schedule

Your plumbing emergency is going to come when it comes. You don’t always have control over that. Let us control how quickly it’s handled and fixed! We are licensed and bonded and we are ready to fix your pipes and sinks when you need it most. Day or night we will be ready to assist you. Just call us in your most needed moment and we will make you our next priority.
Give us a call right now at 425-643-6900. We’ll help you know why more people turn to Rudy’s for their Bellevue plumbing needs.
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