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We are the best Redmond Plumbing Contractor around. Experience matters in plumbing more than most other home service industries, and we have it! We’ve been serving the local Redmond community since 1977! We install high quality components because they last longer and the last thing any Redmond resident wants is sewer or leaking water in or around their home.

Have you ever wondered what makes one Plumbing Company stand out among the others? It’s not always the quality of the parts and pieces but the care they were installed with and the experience to diagnose it properly. Craftsmanship matters most!

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Three reasons you should choose Rudy’s as your local Redmond plumbing company:

1) Customer Satisfaction. When you’re happy so are we. We do our best to communicate honest expectations to you so that you’ll be aware of all appropriate costs of your home project or service call to your home. We’ve been doing this for long time and our reputation speaks for itself. To the point, no project is too small and we’re big enough to handle it all so give us a call!

2) Quality of Craftsmanship. We care about your plumbing project as much as you do. It may seem funny, but we care about leaky pipes, old hot water heaters, running toilets, dripping sinks, and all those other projects you hate dealing with. That’s because we have the best employees. We are also factory certify and train our employees so they are up to date on all the latest techniques and installation practices as required by the State of Washington Contracting Board. We go above and beyond the local standards used by most drainage and sewer companies. Our efforts to make you satisfied go beyond what a normal contractor might do, and further, we want to take everything we do to the next level of satisfaction so your home is 100% back in new condition.

3) Reliability. On time and within your budget is what we strive to do. Plumbing work can be a major construction job and we take it very seriously. Typically service calls can be done quickly, but often they can turn into large unplanned projects. Plumbing can absolutely be one of the biggest upgrades for a home. Let us take care of the details for you now, call us at 425-643-6900

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