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Need a Kirkland Plumber?  Rudy’s Plumbing has been serving the Kirkland, WA since 1977!  We’re all you’ll ever need when it comes to your water heaters, pipes, toilets, sinks, etc.

We love Kirkland and all it has to offer so when a pipe breaks we get ready to get your Kirkland home back to normal! We’ve been handling all Kirkland plumbing emergencies since 1977. We’ve always on call and ready to fix any broken pipe or spraying faucet.

Kirkland Plumbing problems never seem to come at a good time. Damage caused by mold, rot, or moisture can cause the best day to turn bad. That’s when you’ll need our number.

We can do all types of plumbing jobs from the quick fix such as a clogged drain or toilet to a full re-pipe of your home. We work with hot water heaters and we’re equipped to install energy efficient systems as well. We also serve the areas around Kirkland such as Seattle, Bellevue, and Mercer Island. We’re fast and local! If you have an emergency which needs attention right now we can be out there faster than you can take a picture of beautiful Mt Rainier!

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Our promise is to make you happy. That’s our goal and that’s our mission. We understand customers are the lifeblood of every business. Make people happy, do a good job, charge a fair price and your good reputation will spread. We’ve been living by these rules since we opened and we’ll bring them right to your Kirkland door!

You’ve found your Kirkland Plumber right here so pick up the phone and see if we can’t help you solve your plumbing problem.

Don’t settle for failed promises and low-quality service. Rudy’s Plumbing is a company that stands by their word and their service with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. What are you waiting for?! Call Rudy’s Plumbing at (425) 643-6900 today to take care all of your plumbing needs!

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Here are just a few of the common  Bellevue plumbing problems we can solve:


Dripping Faucets


Leaky Pipes


Water Heaters


Low Water Pressure


Slow or Clogged Drains


Tubs and Showers


Running Toilet


Pipe Repair


And More!

A Kirkland Plumbing Company you can count on!

Absolute Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction: At Rudy’s we believe a happy customer means a job well done. We do our best to communicate honest expectations to all of our customers so they can be aware of all the appropriate costs of your project or service call. Time is important as well.  We’ve been doing this for long time and our reputation speaks for itself. Don’t believe us? Read some of our testimonies! No matter what the job is, you can rest assured Rudy’s Plumbing will get it done to your satisfaction!

Stand Out!

Workmanship matters: Have you ever wondered what makes one Plumbing Company stand out among the others? It’s not always the quality of the parts and pieces but the care they were installed with and the experience to diagnose it properly. Craftsmanship matters most, and that’s what we hang our hat on.  We’ve got the best diagnostic team in the industry.


Trained & Certified Local Plumbers: Each one of our plumbers is trained and certified to practice plumbing in Washington State. Our staff consists of top of the line plumbers that specialize in providing the absolute best services to all of our customers. All of Rudy’s plumbers are extremely knowledgeable, and helpful, not to mention they will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your plumbing inquiry.  Service and training is the key to quality contracting work.  See what a local and trained professional can do for you!


Huge Plumbing Service Range:  We can do it all! At Rudy’s Plumbing we offer plumbing services to meet a range of different plumbing needs one may require. Everything from minor repairs to a complete new plumbing system for a newly built house, Rudy’s has you covered. If you have a special project call today and get a quote!

Think Rudy’s Plumbing when your considering hiring a  Kirkland Plumbing Company, then like us on Facebook!

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